Our state-of-the-art cancer center and hospital are home to the most sophisticated cancer-fighting technologies and treatment options available today. We’ve brought them all to Vidalia so you can get the most comprehensive, innovative cancer treatments close to home.

External Radiation Therapy

During external radiation therapy, a beam of radiation is directed through the skin to the cancer and immediate surrounding area to destroy the main tumor and nearby cancer cells.  Our radiation oncologists use several types of external beam radiation. Learn More

Three-dimensional representations of the tumor and surrounding organs enable your radiation oncologist to accurately tailor beams to the size and shape of your tumor. The beams target the tumor with precision, leaving non-cancerous tissue minimally exposed. This type of therapy is often used to treat tumors that would otherwise be considered too close to vital organs for radiation therapy.

IMRT is a specialized form of 3D-CRT that allows radiation to be even more exactly shaped to fit a tumor.This type of cancer treatment is used to break up radiation into many small “beamlets” that can be individually modified. By “bending” each beam shape and controlling its intensity, your radiation oncologist may be able to further limit healthy tissue exposure and, in some situations, deliver higher doses to the tumor itself.

IGRT is used to improve radiation delivery when tumors move between treatments. With IGRT, radiation treatment is guided by imaging technologies such as CT scans, ultrasound or X-rays so the tumor’s movement can be tracked and your treatment team can direct radiation to its exact location.

Chemotherapy Treatments

This treatment involves the use of cancer-fighting drugs designed to target tumors and destroy their cells. They can be administered in a variety of ways including IV, catheterization or pill form. At Meadows Regional, your progress with these drugs will be carefully monitored by an experienced oncology team. Learn More

Nurse Navigator Program

When you’re battling cancer, every day is an emotional rollercoaster. Decisions can be overwhelming. The questions never seem to end.

Meadows Regional Cancer Center offers an Oncology Patient Navigator – to help you through this hard time. This go-to liaison is dedicated 100% to navigating patients and their families through the complex cancer healthcare system. Learn More